RSVP–Lead with experience

The mission of the RSVP – Lead with Experience is to provide a variety of opportunities for persons age 55 and older to participate more fully in the life of the community through significant volunteer service. RSVP is a service of Blount, Jefferson, Shelby and Walker counties.

Studies have show that the act of volunteering is beneficial to your health and overall well-being. As adults age, retire and begin to slow, it’s important to participate in opportunities that promote physical activity, socialization and a sense of belonging. RSVP volunteers report an overall improvement in their health and mental outlook. They enjoy having purpose, socialization and knowing they are making a difference. The benefits are endless! Join us today by filling out the Volunteer Form below or contact the RSVP Coordinator at 205.803-3211.

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‏In 2019, RSVP had more than 1,700 volunteers in the four counties serving more than 300,000 volunteers hours. This impacted more than 9,000 individuals! Our volunteers served with more than 150 community partners improving the lives of children, nonprofits, veterans, those with disabilities, domestic and wildlife animals, communities and faith-based initiatives throughout Central Alabama


Volunteer Oportunity

If you would like to volunteer to serve with RSVP–Lead with Experience, simply fill out the Enrollment Form and submit it for consideration.

Why Volunteer with RSVP?

  • Each experience is meaningful and tailored to your individual interests and availability.‏
  • Coordinators will help determine a volunteer opportunity based on favorite causes or charities or based on your particular expertise, experience or passion.‏
  • RSVP partners with nonprofits, proprietary health, government or educational organizations, ensuring the organization is ADA complaint, easily accessed, provides training and supervision and meaningful and impactful opportunities.
  • Volunteers are provided with supplement insurance that typically covers their deductible should they have an accident from the time they leave their home until their return.