senior companion Program

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 55 years old
  • Must be within income guidelines (based on AmeriCorps)
  • Must pass federal, state, and sexual offender background checks.
  • Serve a minimum of 15 hours per week (but can volunteer up to 40 hours/week)


  • Pre-service and monthly training sessions
  • Paid Time Off
  • Holidays
  • Recognition events.
  • Accident and liability insurance while on duty
  • Tax-free stipend of $4.00 per hour
  • Reimbursement for transportation and meals


  • Provide companionship.
  • Accompany to senior centers or adult day care centers.
  • Accompany to doctor’s appointments or other community activities.
  • Cook /Prepare light meals and wash items used.
  • Share community resources.
  • Respite to family caregivers
  • Remind client(s) to take their medications.
  • Water indoor plants
  • Play board or card games.
  • Watch television with client(s)
  • Do Arts & Crafts

Senior Companions are matched with clients according to needs, abilities,
and the distance of their homes.


  • Provide personal hygiene related activities.
  • Give medication or set up medication in pill boxes.
  • Convert or attempt to convert someone to their faith.
  • Accept payments for their services.
  • Lend money or borrow money from their clients.
  • Accept gifts over $25.00.
  • Perform household chores, or heavy lifting.
  • Care for pets
  • Purchase alcohol or control substances for their clients
  • Stay overnight or provide service on the weekend.
  • Provide yard work.


  • Frail elderly
  • Adults with Disabilities
  • Homebound
  • Mobility Problems
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Terminal Illness
  • Lonely or Isolated
  • Visually or Hearing Impaired


  • Individuals with communicable diseases
  • Individuals with a history of verbal or physical abuse to themselves or others
  • Individuals or family members who are using controlled substances.
  • Individuals or family members who abuse alcohol.
  • Individuals who have a history of paranoid ideations.
  • Homes that are in deplorable conditions.

Client Referral Form

Client Referral Form

Senior Companions are matched with clients according to needs, abilities, and the distance of their homes.


Linda is an active volunteer for Positive Maturity and is a firm believer in the importance in helping others. She wanted others to know about her service to Positive Maturity and what motivates her to give back to her community.

How did you become involved in volunteering at Positive Maturity?
I heard about the wonderful volunteer programs from a friend that was serving on the Foster Grandparent Program.

What inspired you to become a Senior Companion?
My passion for helping others.

How many years have you been a volunteer?
Nine years.

How many clients have you served?
I have served thirteen and all have contributed to my life in a positive way.

How many hours have you given to the program?
I served over 9,000 hours.

What motivates you to give back to the community?
It enriches my life and I enjoy helping others in need.

What advice you would give to others who are considering volunteering?
That volunteering will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, and it contributes to your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Other than volunteering what do you like to do in your free time?
I enjoy cooking, exercising, and playing with my adorable granddaughter. Ms. Nall has received multiple levels awards that are designed to recognize each milestone of her service achievement. Levels include bronze, silver, gold and the highest honor, the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for those who contribute more than 4,000 hours of service in their lifetime. Congratulations Ms. Nall for your dedication and commitment to Positive Maturity and the Seniors of Jefferson County.

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