Aging Workers are Reliable Employees (AWARE)

Aging Workers Are Reliable Employees | AWARE

If you are looking for a job, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t buy into the myth that it will be hard to get into the job market if you are over 50. It’s true the job market is ever changing, but senior workers are as valuable as ever. AWARE at Positive Maturity provides employment services to adults aged 50 and older. Whether you are in need of additional income or just want to give of your talents in the encore phase of life, AWARE succeeds in matching older adults with employment opportunities that meet their personal needs and interests.

Services include:

  • Transitional self- assessment
  • Resume writing
  • Interview coaching
  • Networking
  • Computer skills instruction
  • Job Fairs

Applicants must be 50 years or older and may call to schedule an appointment with the AWARE team in Blount, Jefferson and Shelby counties to begin the process. Employers may place a job order with AWARE through the phone, fax, or e-mail. Positive Maturity adopted the AWARE program in 1976. In its first two years, AWARE placed 330 adults in full- or part-time jobs.

Contact Information

Brian Crawford:  (205) 803-1665  x214


Office Hours: Mon-Thur 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Fax: (205) 803-5039

The following AWARE Interactive Workshops are designed to guide Job seekers 50 and over through the process of returning to the workplace. All workshops are 1.5 hours and require reserving your spot. Call AWARE at 205-803-1665 to reserve your spot or for more information.

Workshops are designed to integrate and successively build the job seekers skills however each workshop can be attended on a standalone basis.

 Introduction to Job Counseling Helps job seekers prepare themselves before meeting with the job counselor by exploring their skills and values, gaining understanding what is needed to get back into the job market and discovering resources to update their skills.
 Resume Writing Walks job seekers through each section of a resume to assure it represents them accurately. Participants will type or edit their resume during this computer lab session. Note: If you already have a resume, bring it on a flash drive.
 Ace Your Interview Provides instruction, video clips, role playing and interactive practice to help job seekers understand the interviewing process.
 Networking 101 Expands the job seekers ideas of how people they know can help them connect with employers and hiring managers.
 Networking 102 LinkedIn Lab Hands on computer lab that helps job seekers understand how to connect with people and companies to market themselves, network, and job search using LinkedIn.Participants must have attended Networking 101
 Financial Workshop Helps job seekers know how to evaluate their finances to determine the amount of income they will need to support themselves.

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